Gridscape Shower Doors

The Gridscape

Patent Pending

The Gridscape is a mutlifunctional door that is on the forefront of bathroom trends. This sleek window pane configuration can be ordered as a stand-alone panel, room divider or as a bypass shower door. This unit is also available with our Rounded Euroheader.

All Gridscape divided-light shower doors are available with a choice of three glass types: clear, satin, and smoke grey. The clear glass option conbined with the black anodized finish is perfect for those wanting an industrial-modern factory windowpane look; alternatively, the satin frosted glass provides the feel of a Japanese shoji door, and the smoke grey glass contrasted with a chrome metal finish is ideal for those seeking sleek and modern vibe.

Both V1 and V2 Gridscape are true statement pieces of the bathroom blending high style and function. They have been widely embraced, not just by designers and those in the industry, but by individuals looking to add a little flair to their bathroom design. One key to the success of the design is the versatility. It can be intermixed with an endless number of tastes and styles ranging from industrial modern/steampunk to rustic shabby chic.

  • Custom Config Available
  • 1 Man Install
  • Adjustable Rollers

Gridscape Installation Instructions