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The Gridscape Eclipse is the first in its series designed with visible rollers, one of the hottest trends in bathroom design. This fully customizable barn door gets its name from the smooth gliding panel hanging from rollers above a seamless header, how it slides completely behind the fixed panel. Available in full divided-light and any laser-cut patterns, from Gridscape 1–3 or frameless, the Gridscape Eclipse is as bespoke as ever, including the option for colorized hardware finishes. The specific Gridscape Eclipse debuted at KBIS has a white anodized aluminum frame and applied wood grain hardware finishes, adding some unique texture to the overall aesthetic.
  • Comes with tempered glass
  • Multiple finish options available
  • Hardware available in wood, anodized aluminum, acrylic or marble
  • Standard sizes, custom sizes, framed and frameless available
  • Offered in Gridscape® 1-3 and in frameless applications
  • Any pattern as well as any metal overlay:design cirlces, hexacons, diagonals, whatever you imagine
Gridscape® 1 Eclipse
with Inline Panel
Gridscape® 2 Eclipse
with Inline Panel
Gridscape® Eclipse
without Mullions
The Griscape® Eclipse is customizable in various finishes and configurations. Interested in learning more?