Gridscape® FAQ

Q: How do I order a Gridscape® door?

A: Simply visit our Where To Buy page to find a dealer near you.


Q: What glass choices are available?

A: We are proud to offer clear, satin, or grey class options.


Q: What are the dimensions of the wall jambs?

A: Dimensions vary depending on the configuration and metal type. Visit our Gridscape® page for more details.


Q: How easy-or difficult- are Gridscape® doors to clean? 

A: As with any shower door, regular upkeep makes cleaning fast and simple. Please refer to our Care and Cleaning guide for more information.


Q: How big is the handle? 

A: The standard handle is an 8″ through-the-glass ladder pull, measured from the center of the hole to the center of the other hole. However, the towel bars on our bypass doors vary depending on the width of the panels. The handles are not attached to the metal, but instead centered on a panel of glass.


Q: How much do the doors cost?

A: Pricing is calculated per square foot and any chosen add-ons. Please refer to our Where To Buy page to locate a dealer near you for a quote.


Q: What kind of metal is used in the door? 

A: Gridscape® doors are made of rust-proof anodized aluminum.


Q: If I add Coastal Clarity®, how long does it last?
Coastal Clarity®, a proprietary sealant that prevents hard water spots and reduces time spent cleaning glass, typically lasts about a year. Results will vary upon water conditions, usage, and cleaning chemicals used.


Q: What if I break a panel? 

A: Unfortunately, broken panels cannot be replaced.


Q: Is the tempered glass logo on every piece of glass or just some? 

A: Per regulations, the logo is required to be on each pane of tempered glass.


Q: Are the grids on both sides of the glass? 

A: Our Full Divided-Light doors are glass on the inside with metal grids on the outside. Our True Divided-Light doors are multiple panes of glass separated by mullions (grids) on both the interior and exterior. Each square of glass on a True Divided-Light door is a separate piece of glass glazed into channel for an authentic divided look.


Q: Can you build a Gridscape® door for a steam shower?

A: Absolutely! Our Gridscape® doors are ideal for steam showers.


Q: Can you do an operable transom in the Gridscape® series? 

A: Currently, we offer only fixed transom panels.


Q: Are there standard sizes?
A: All Gridscape® doors are custom built to fit each individual opening.


Q: Are the grid designs customizable?
A: Yes. The grids or squares can be modified to a certain extent, to achieve a desired look. To see different configurations, please visit our Gridscape® page.


Q: Are the mullion sizes customizable? 

A: No. Mullions are a fixed size. They are 1″ on Full Divided-Light and 1-5/8″ on True Divided-Light.


Q: What is the glass thickness? 

A: The glass used in Gridscape® doors is 1/4″ tempered glass.


Q: What is the max height without having to use a transom above the door? 

A: The max height that can be done without using a transom is 84″.


Q: What is the max door-opening width available? 

A: The max door width for door only or swing FDL is 36″. Max door width for door only or swing TDL is left up to the engineer’s discretion. Door and panel or panel + door + panel max is 142″, unless it goes to the ceiling. Gridscape® bypass door max is 72″, unless it’s the Gridscape® Eclipse.  


Q: How much adjustment is there? 

A: The adjustment depends on the configuration.


Fixed Panel
Width 1/2 in
Height 1/4 in


Door and panel
Width 1/2 in at each wall. 1/2in at strike. 1.5 in total
Height 1/4 in

Bypass depends on the door.