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Q: My vinyl drip sweep at the bottom of the door needs replacing. Can I order one from you? A: Every manufacturer has parts that are exclusive to their brand. However, we do have a universal drip sweep kit that works for most models. Please visit us on to see a selection of our replacement parts. Click here for the Paragon Series Replacement Vinyl Drip Sweep.

Q: I’m interested in getting a quote for my enclosure. How do I go about that? A: Coastal sells through a network of dealers and if you’ll provide us with your location, we’ll do our best to find a dealer close by that can assist with pricing and availability. Click here to search for a dealer.

Q: Can Coastal Industries towel bars and handles support a bather? A: Towel bars and handles used in our showers are not intended to be used as safety devices and should never be used to pull oneself up or as a support in any way. These handles are designed strictly to open and close your shower door and to hang a towel or wash cloth.

Q: What can I use to clean the glass in my Coastal Industries shower door? A: Never use an abrasive or acid-based cleaner or a formulation such as “Clean Shower.” To maximize the life of your Coastal Industries door, you should squeegee the inside panels and doors after each use. Visit us on to see our recommended cleaning products for the long-term care of your shower door.

Q: When I see the term “lead times,” does that indicate when the Coastal Industries product will arrive or when it will be shipped? A: Lead time is the time from when we receive your order until the time it is shipped. Actual shipment travel time varies with each carrier and also depends on the type of delivery you specify, such as next-day air, two-day air, or regular ground.

Q: What is the definition of a Centerline measurement? A: Usually, this refers to dimensions measured in the center of the base of the unit. This arbitrary line, and its intersecting points in the case of a unit with end panels, is what is required for the correct placement of the shower enclosure. The center of the aluminum frame is placed, or centered, on this line.

Q: How often does Coastal Industries deliver? A: Coastal Industries is committed to getting your shipment to you as quickly as possible. Our shipping fleet reaches every state in the Union and Canada, except for Alaska and Hawaii. Our fleet is on the road each week and the delivery time to you depends on where you are located. Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-874-8601 for detailed shipping information.

Q: Where should I buy glass for a Coastal Industries shower door? A: Glass for our shower doors can be purchased directly from Coastal Industries. Coastal Industries is always happy to meet your glass needs and has an extensive offering of glass types. You can get direct assistance from our helpful Customer Service representatives at 1-800-874-8601.

Q: How many metal colors does Coastal Industries offer? A: Generally, we offer the same metal finishes that are offered by the leading bath fixture manufacturers.