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Tri-Pass Shower Door

Our specially designed frameless Tri-Pass door is perfect for maximizing the space and functionality in RVs.

  • Dual mounted towel bars
  • Standard heights of 65 in. or 68 in.
  • 3/16 in. glass thickness
  • Available in clear and aquatex Glass
  • Standard Openings of 36 in. – 56 in.
  • Sliding panels to maximize egress
  • Made in the USA



Less is more when it comes to making a statement with our Volte™ shower door. The minimalist design conveys power and presence. The top rail allows for both doors to slide open while anti-jumping rollers prevent the door from sliding off.

  • 3/8in. (10mm) tempered glass available.
  • Brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel hardware finishes available.
  • Adjustable rollers for smooth sliding.
  • Optional stainless steel perimeter channels available for maximum water retention.


Paragon® Framed Bi-Fold

Designed to fit into the tight confines of boats, recreational vehicles, residences with limited space and manufactured housing, this door is the answer to many of the space limitation problems that are prevalent in areas of restricted size.

  • Perfect for limited space shower applications
  • Clear tempered glass panels
  • 1-person installation
  • Full length built in handle
  • Anodized aluminum ensures shower door will not rust over time

Paragon® 1/4 Frameless Bypass

Towel bars mounted through sturdy tempered glass panels add a touch of architectural elegance to the shower door design.

  • 1/4 in. glass with radius-style curved towel bar
  • Self-draining bottom track with jamb-alignment guides
  • Dual durometer center guide for solid sliding operation
  • Through-glass handles
  • Custom configurations available
  • Stay-clean track
  • 1-person installation
  • U-shaped wall jamb
  • Rounded euroheader
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Made in the USA

Paragon® 3/8 Frameless Bypass

Heavy tempered panels glide smoothly inside an architecturally sculpted header for a clean, luxurious enclosure.

  • 3/8 in. thick tempered heavy sliding glass
  • Stay-clean track and adjustable rollers
  • Through-glass handles and rounded euroheader
  • Available in clear tempered glass
  • H-shaped wall jamb
  • Rounded euroheader
  • Made in the USA

Paragon® 3/16 Frameless Bypass

The frameless design of the Paragon® 3/16 in. enhances and visually opens your bath area, providing a more expansive feel at a remarkably affordable price.

  • 3/16 in. thick tempered, heavy sliding glass
  • Stay-clean self-draining track and adjustable rollers
  • New dual-durometer snap-in center guide
  • 1 in. wall jambs for maximum application
  • Pre-glazed hanger brackets
  • Available in clear tempered glass
  • Made in the USA

Paragon® Framed Bypass

With contemporary curved towel bars and European-inspired header, this award-winning enclosure system provides the ultimate in a framed bath enclosure.

  • 1-1/4 in. aluminum frame
  • Stay-clean, self-draining track
  • Polished, gracefully curved header and towel bars
  • 1 in. wall jambs
  • Jamb alignment guide
  • Notched wall jambs fit securely over sill
  • Available in obscure or clear tempered glass
  • Made in the USA


Newport Bypass

Modern, sleek lines enhance the beauty and functionality of this affordable shower door enclosure line.

  • Heavy-duty extruded towel bar with standard finger pulls
  • Beautifully sculpted header with heavy-duty roller system
  • Stay-clean, self-draining track eliminates cleaning commonly associated with bypass shower doors
  • 1-person installation
  • H-shaped wall jambs are notched to fit securely over stay-clean sill
  • Features Aquatex pattern obscure tempered glass panels
  • Standard jamb alignment guide to insure proper fit of inside panel
  • Made in the USA



The Challenger offers great value for those seeking a sleek, modern design. Easy to install thanks to its out-of-plumb adjustment and jamb alignment guide, this upscale bath enclosure comes with a stylish towel bar and beautiful finishes.

  • Available in aquatex obscure or clear tempered glass
  • Complete wrap-around vinyl glazing
  • Out-of-plumb panel adjustment
  • 1-person installation
  • Stay clean bottom track + snap-in center guide
  • Nylon ball-bearing adjustable rollers
  • Made in the USA

Gridscape® 2

Sliding Splash Screen

With an edgy, modern industrial design and patterned glass, this sliding screen holds individual panes that show the true divided-light feature.

  • Sliding door available in True Divided-Light or Full Divided-Light
  • True Divided-Light doors have interior and exterior mullions
  • Full Divided-Light doors have exterior mullions only
  • 18 in. or 24 in. vertical square handle
  • Available in black bronze finish
  • Anodized aluminum framework ensures the shower door will not rust over time
  • Made in the USA

True Divided-Light Soft-Close Sliding Door

With all the style of a true divided-light design, this versatile, customizable unit creates striking spaces that leave a lasting impression.

  • 18 in. or 24 in. vertical square handle
  • Soft-close mechanism pre-installed in header
  • Smooth, gentle open and close, every time
  • Available in black bronze or chrome finishes
  • Anodized aluminum framework ensures the shower door will not rust over time
  • Made in the USA